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Tips to Keep Your Walls Looking Squeaky Clean

March 17, 2022

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You finally did it. After months of debating whether or not you should repaint your walls, you decided to try out the latest interior painting trend. Now your walls look amazing! However, they may eventually lose their luster if you fail to maintain them. Since we touch our walls often, learning how to keep them clean is a skill worth learning. That said, here are some tips you should incorporate into your housekeeping routine for a cleaner, more beautiful home.

Be Careful on Flat, Satin, and Eggshell Finishes

Do your walls have a flat, satin, or eggshell finish? If so, you need to be extremely careful when cleaning them. Avoid using harsh chemicals or commercial degreasers on walls with those finishes. Instead, wash them with a soft sponge dampened with a cleaning solution. Make sure you scrub gently to keep the paint intact!

Dust Your Walls Before Cleaning Them

Before cleaning your walls, dust them thoroughly from top to bottom. You can use a broom to reach the top molding and for removing cobwebs. An unused paintbrush or a dry microfiber cloth are excellent tools for dusting chair rails and wall corners. If your walls need a little extra love, consider using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Spot-Test Your Cleaning Solution

First, you need to make sure your cleaning ingredients are safe and gentle. Once you have your solution, do a quick spot-test on a barely visible area of your wall. This step is especially important for walls with flat or matte finishes. If your cleaning solution leaves behind light-colored streaks and stains, it’s too harsh for your surface.

Use the Proper Technique

Do you know how to clean your walls properly? Here’s what an appropriate technique looks like:

  • Gather your materials (two buckets, some soft sponges, and dry microfiber cloths)
  • Fill one bucket with warm water for rinsing and the other with your wall cleaner
  • Start cleaning at top of the wall using light, circular motions, and slowly work your way down
  • Work in sections to prevent discoloration
  • Wash the wall with your cleaning solution and wipe off the residue with a sponge dipped in your rinse bucket
  • Dry the wall with your microfiber cloth and move on to the next section

Like most things, you’ll need to clean your walls regularly to keep them looking their very best. By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure your freshly painted walls stay as beautiful as ever!

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